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英文术语 英文全称 中文解释
w/i within
w/ty within today
w/w/w wide world wide
wa west aust
wakamatsy wakamatsy 若松
wakayama wakayama 和欧山
wakkanai wakkanai 稚内
wcca weat coast central america
wccon whether custom clearance or not
wch west coast india
wcyo(p)(d) what con you offr (ppose)(deve)
wdc wodehouse drake and carey
wfpgon whether free pretique granted or not
wicon wr in custum cleared or not
wicon/wipon whether in berth(port) or not
wifpon wr in free pretique or not
wl will
wl(t)hc water line(to) hatch conming
wog without guarantee
wp without prejudice/weather permitting
wp weather permit
wr ap war risk additional premium
wth with
wting waiting
wts/lts working time saved/lay time saved
ww white wheat
wwr when where ready
www when winches working
xpectd expected