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英文术语 英文全称 中文解释
i/o instead of
iac including adress commision 包括回扣佣金
iagw if all going wel
icatc/atc if used actual time to count
ifo intermediate fuel oil 100秒燃油
ifo/mdo intermediate fuel oil/marine dieskl oil
igs inert gas system 惰性气体系统
ilhc in lieu of hold cleaning 代替扫舱
ilw in loss weight
imabari imabari 今治
imari imari 伊万里
imm immediately 立即
imo international maritime organization 国际海事组织
in 2 bottoms
in low in liew of weighing
in(with) regard to    
in/out geog rotn geographical rotation    
incl including,included
inclot including overtime 包括加班时间
ind industry
indic indivate,indication
info information
innoshima innoshima 因岛
insce rate insurance    
int intended
intertanko international association of independent tanker owners 国际独立油轮船东协会
intn intention
intrst interest
iore iron ore
ip philippine
ishikariwan-sinko ishikariwan-sinko 石狩湾新港
ishinomaki ishinomaki 石卷
itf international tran workers'federation
itf international transport workers federation 国际海运劳工协会
itin itinerary
itozaki itozaki 糸崎
itr inthis regard
iuhttc if used half time to count    
iwakuni iwakuni 岩国
iwl institute warranty limits 协会保证区域限制
iwl institute warranty limits 协会保证区域限制
izuhara izuhara