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英文术语 英文全称 中文解释
c.m.c compania minera de cananea
c.s.c china steel cor
c/p charter party,contract price
c/p charter party 租船合同/租约
cad cash against documents
canc/cancl/cnxlg cancelling
canpac canadian pacific
cap capacity 容量,能力
capa capacity
capt captain 船长
caribs caribbean sea
cbf cubic meters 立方英尺
cbm cubic meters 立方米
cc carbon copy 副本
ccs china classification society 中国船级社
ccv coal corp of victoria
cd could cud
certs certifications    
cfm confirm 确认
cgo cargo 货物
cgos crges cardoes
chabe chrs agts botn ends
chgd/unchgd changed
chiba chiba 千叶
chop chrs option 租方选择
chopt charterer‘s option 租方选择
chrs charterers
chtrs charters 租船人
ckd cgos car knock down
cl clause
clc cargo lovante
clc civil liability convention 国际油污损害民事责任公约
cmt cement
cna coal n alled    
cnc calanda maritime carriers
cnfm confirm    
cntr counter/container    
coa contract of affreightment
coa contract of affreightment 包运合同
cob closing of business
com commission 佣金
combos combinations
cons consumption 消耗
contd contracted
conti continental
copcon copper concentrate
cot cargo oil tanks 货油仓
cow crude oil washing 原油洗仓
cpd charterer pays dues 租船人付税/费
cpp clean petroleum product(s ) 清洁石油产品
cqd customary quick despatcii 按港口习惯速度
cqnd bc's czaned bulk carriers
crdip columbia river district incl portlank or chrs op puget sound district(=psd)
cristal contracts regarding all interim supplement to tankerliability for oil pollution 油轮油污责任暂行补定协定
ct cape town
ct price contract
ctl constructive total loss 推定全损
ctm cash to master
cu.gr grain capacity in cubic feet 立方英尺散装容积
cum.gr-bl grain/bale capacity in cubic meters 立方米散装/包装容积
cy flg cyprus flg(=cypriot)
d/a disbursement account 支付帐
d,dba durban
d.cl detention clause 滞留条款
d/cl deviation clause 绕航条款
d/d dry docking 进干船坞
d/gr back ground
d/n debit note
d/o delivery order 提货单
dap day all purpose (ld+dis)    
dap days all purpose
dap di amonium phosphate
dbe(w)ats despatch payable both ends on(working) all time
dbn durban
dc direct continuation
dd,dtd dated/dry dock
ddo despatch discharging only 卸货港速遣
def definite,definitely
deferred hire
del delivery
dely delivery 交付
dem demurrage 滞期费
dem/des demmurage/despatch
dep departure 离开,开航
des despatch 速遣费
dev develop
dev deviation 绕航
df dead freight 空仓费
dg danger
dhd despatch half demurrage 速遣费是滞期费一半
diot daily incl over time
disch discharge 卸货
disponent 二船东
disport disciiarge port 卸货港
dispt,dp discharging port 卸货港
disrate discharging rate 卸货率
dlosp last sea,dropping last outward sea pilot 最后出港海区引航员
dlosp dropping last outward sea pilot 最后出港海区引航员
dly daily     
dnd despatch(=dispatch) half of demmurage
dns dark northern spring
do diesel oil 柴油
dop dropping outward pilot
dop dropping outward pilot 出港引航员下船
dosp dropping outward sea pilot 出港海区引航员下船
dpp dirty petroleun product
dpp dirty petroleum products 不洁石油产品
dqd customary quick despatch
dri direct reduced iron
drr derrick    
dscbo described
dt deep tank 深仓
dtg distance to go 还要行驶的距离
dtl detail
dtls details 细节
dur duration
dwat deadweight all told    
dwcc deadwethgt carrying capa 货物载重吨容量
dwcc deadweight cargo capacity 货物载重吨容量
dwoc declined without counter
dwt deadweight tons 载重吨