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英文术语 英文全称 中文解释
e.l. export licence 出口许可证
e.l.v clectric ventl
e.s.l. ethlopian shipping lines
ea each    
ebps eastern bulkparcel service/safmarin
ecca east coast central america
eci east coast indea
eiu evenif used
el vent electric vent
emed east mediterranean
erload expected ready to load 预计准备装货
espe especlally
est estimated
eta estimate arrival 预计到港
etajima etajima 江田岛
etb estimate berth 预计靠泊
etcd estimated time of completion of discharging 预计完成卸货时间
etcd estimate commencing discharge 预计开始卸货
etcl estimate commencing loading 预计开始装货
etd estimate departure 预计开航时间
etr estimated time of readiness
etr expected time of redelivery 预计还船时间
euromar jont operatn btwn exmar n unitraw
eventual fixture
ex extreme breadth
ex aqaba for twn
ex dd ex dry dock
f+c full n cmpitn cgo
fa term food agency term
fac as fast as the vessel can receive or deliver 以船舶能够接受或交付的尽快速度
faccop as fast as ship can load/discharge according to custom of port 尽可能快地装/卸货
fap for all purpose
fc friday holiday inc
fcc first class chrs 一流的租船人
fcc first class charterers 一流的租船人
fcjc first class japanese chrs
fckc fitst class korean chr    
fd free despatch
fd free discharging=free out
fd freight and demurrage 运费和滞期费
fdm freedom
fdnd freight, dispatch and demurrage defence 运费,速遣费和滞期保护
fe feast,far east
ferrmang ferro manganese
ferts fretilizers
ff fully fitted
fgo for good
fh first half/sh second half
fhex fridays and holidays excluded 星期五和节假日除外
fhinc fridays and holidaysincluded 包括星期五和节假日
fi free in 船方不负但装货费但负担卸货费
fifo first in,first out
filo free in liner out (first in last,out?)
filo free in liner out 船方不负但装货费但负担卸货费
final comfirm rvtg 最后确定后告
findic firm indication
fio free in and out 船方不负担装卸费
fios free in and out and stowed 船方不负担装卸费和堆装费
fiost free in n out spout(stowed)trimmed
fiost free in and out and stowed and trimmed 船方不负担装卸费,堆装和平舱费
fiot trimmed
flash message
fltd flush tween deck
flwg following 下达,下列
flwg/foll following
fm from 从,自
fm,frm form
fo firm offer 报实盘
foc flag of convenience
foc flag of convenience 方便旗
foffr firm offer
foll folling
fonasba the federation of national associations of shipbrokers and agents 全国船舶经纪人和代理人协会联盟
forest prod timber,lumber etc
fosfa federation of oils,seeds in fats associations ltd
free dom/fortune type frt freight
frt freight 运费
ftd fitted
fukui fukui 福井
fukuyama fukuyama 福山
funabashi funabashi 船桥
funakawa funakawa 船川
fushiki fushiki 伏木
fw fresh water 淡水
fwa furness withy australia
fwd forward 向前
fxd fixed
fxg fixing
fxtr fixture    
fy(p)g for your private/fersonal guidance
fyg for your guidance 供你指导
fyi for your information 给你提供信息
fyr for your reference 供你参考