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英文术语 英文全称 中文解释
qda quick despatch agreements
qhd/qhdao qinhuang dao
qland queensland
qoo quanity in owrs optn
r are
rb roberts bank/richard bay
rbds regards
rcpt receipt
rcvd received 收到
rd running days 连续日
re refer to/regarding 有关
recap recapitulation 概括
ref reference 参考
rem remark 批注
rev reversible
rgds regards 问候
rge/rnge range
rgret regret
rmtnce remittance
rob remaining on board
rob remaining on board 遗留船上
roc republic of china
roc refer to our cable 参阅我们的电报
roro roll on-roll off 滚装船
rot/rdam rotterdam
rotlx reference our tlx
rpt repeat
rqstd requestec
rumoi rumoi 留萌
rvtg revrrting
rvtg reverting 详情后告
ryf(t) received your fax,favour(tlx)