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英文术语 英文全称 中文解释
aaaa always afloat   
asf as following
a/c acct account=charterer
acol after completion of loading  
a/e accept/ecept
afmt after fixing main terms 固定主要条款之后
air draft   水上高度
a/o and or
a/o and/or 和/或
a/p additional premium 附加保险费
aps on arrival pilot station 到达引航站
a/r all risks
a/s account sale 销货账
a/s after sight 远期付款
aa always afloat 永远漂浮
aa awiwl always afloat always aitnin institute warranty limits
aar against all risks 针对所有风险
abashirl abashirl 纲走
aboshi aboshi 纲星
abv above
abs american bureau of shipping 美国船级社
abt about
abt about 大约
acc acceptance/accepted 接受
accdg according to 根据
acct accounter chrs
acdg according
acol after completion of loading
acol after completion of loading 装货结束后
add address/additional
addcom address commission 回扣佣金
adv advise 告知
afmt after fixing main terms
afmt after fixing main terms 固定主要条款之后
afsp arrival first sea pilot
ag(=pg) arabian gulf (persian gulf)
agt agent 代理人
agts agents
agw all goes well 一切顺利
agw/wp all going well/whether permit    
ah antwerp/hamburg
ahl australian holk ladder
ahps arrival harbour pilot station
ahps arrival  harbour pilot station 到达港口引航站
aims american institute of merchant shipping 美国商船航运学会
aiol aiol 相生
akita akita 秋田
all flgs abt/all dtls abt    
alt alternative    
amagasaki amagasaki 尼崎
amelog america log    
amt amoust    
amwelsh c/p ore-americanized welsh coal charter    
anan anan 阿南
anch anchorage 锚地
ans answer 回答
antham antwerp-hamburg
aob as on board    
aoh after office hour
aoh after office hours 工作时间外
aomori aomori 青森
ap additional premium    
ap all purpose    
ap 装卸共用时间(锚位)
ap additional premium 附加保险费
aps arr pilot station      
aps arrival pilot station
aps arrival pilot station 到达引航站
ara amsterdam/rotterdam/antwerp rge
arb y/a 1974 arbitration york antwerp rule    
arnd around
arngd arrange 安排
arr arrive 到达
as explained on tel    
asap as soon as possible 尽可能快地
asba association of shipbrokers and agents, inc。 (美国)船舶经济人和代理人协会
asf as follows 如下


asrobl after signing releasing original b/l
assmt assignment 分类、分配
assn association 协会,团体,联合
asst assistant 助手,辅助的
ata actual time of arrival 实际到达时间
atc actual time used to count
atd actual time of departure 实际开航时间
atdn any time day or night    
atdns at days and nights sunday 白天,晚上,星期日的任何时间
atdnshinc any time day or night sunday loliday include
atdnshinc any time, day, night, sundays and holidays included 任何时间,白天,夜间,星期日和节假日
atm atmosphere 天气,气候
ats all time saved 所有节省时间
atsbe all time saved both ends 所有两港节省时间
atsdo all time saved discharging only 所有卸货港节省时间
atslo all time saved loading only 所有装货港节省时间
atsuti atsuti 渥美
att attention 注意
auct auction 拍卖
aussie australia
autho authority
auto automobile 汽车
awts all wording time saved 所有节省的工作时间
awtsbe all working time saved both ends 所有两港节省的工作时间
awtsdo all working time saved discharging only 所有卸货港节省的工作时间
awtslo all working time saved loading only 所有装货港节省的工作时间
b/d breakdown 故障
b/l bill of lading 提单
b/o buyers option
b/s bill of sale 卖契
b/w/a berth/wharf/anchorage
b4 before
ba buenos aires
babi not above but including
back trading
bag backing 返回
bal balince/baltimore
banking days
barkless logs
bb ballasting bonus
bb ballast bonus 空航奖金(空放补贴)
bbb before breaking bulk 卸货前
b-bond bid bond
bby bombay
bc british columbia/bulk carrier
bcca bulk chrts consultants australia


bd biz dept
bds banking days
be bend both ends
be bends both end    
bends both ends 两端(装货和卸货港)
bgd bagd,baged


bgd bagged


bground bkgrounk,background
bhp bulk harmless
bid ppose chrs to owrs
bimco baltic international maritime conference 波罗的海国际航运工会
biv bllieve
biz buz,businiss    
biz business 业务
bkk bangkok


bldg building 大厦
blk bulk
blk tit slag    
blr boiler 锅炉
blt built 建造
bly barley    
bly barley    
bnkr bunker 燃料
bod board
bod board of director
bod bunker of delivery 交燃油
bod,bor bunker on delivery/redel
bofa best offer
bofa best offer boffers
bor bunker of redelivery 接燃油
bot refer to our telex 参阅我们的电传
box ytype hold box shape
bp british petrorium    
bp bunker price
bra to be agreed
bran pellet
bre bremen
break bulk    
bs l bills of lading
bsn busan
bss lps basis lumpsum    
bss basis 基础
bst best
bt berth terms(=liner term)
bt berth terms 泊位条款
btb back to bulk
btg bulk trading group
bv bureau veritas(french ship classification society) 法国船级社
bw brackish water
byrtn by return